About SJ

Sin Jia Enterprise Co., Ltd is a professional pressure gauge manufacturer founded in 1998. Starting from the experience of the founder who had an internship at a factory in Japan, inspired him to create a good instrument brand in Taiwan. Moreover, at that time, instrumentation selling in Taiwan was still dominated by foreign brands. This caused the founder to devote himself to manufacturing high-quality instruments. Therefore, with more than 40 years of experience, making SJ® as one of the leading and expert pressure gauge manufacturers in Taiwan.


SJ® provides not only the customized design of manometers and thermometers but also the assembly of various diaphragm-seal pressure gauges, the junction of electric circuits, etc. Apart from emphasizing the excellent product quality and competitive prices, SJ® also pays attention to delivery safety, including packaging.


With the aim of advancing Taiwan's instruments on the international stage, SJ® currently intends to expand its market to Southeast Asian countries, such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. Thus, we expect cooperation and partnership with international distributors in hope that we can build long-term relationships and create mutual benefits.