Terms of Warranty

Terms of Warranty

  • The Terms of Limited Warranty apply worldwide
  • The Warranty is for normal and proper use only. The Warranty does not include failure caused by improper installation, misuse, modification, or disassembly.
  • The unregulated matters will be handled in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law of the Republic of China.

Determination of Warranty Period

  • Customers must provide the purchase invoice (or proof of purchase) of the product as proof of the warranty period. Please keep the company's invoices (or proof of purchase) to protect the customer's rights and future service requests.
  • If the customer could not provide the purchase invoice (or proof of purchase), the warranty period will be based on the S/N (serial number) of the product (original shipment date).
  • The warranty starts from the date shown on the shipment date (customer's purchase invoice), the first day of the Warranty Period will be on the shipment date. For example: If the shipment date is January 1, 2022, the warranty period is from January 1, 2022, to December 31, 2022.

Exclusions from the Warranty Service

  • The product has exceeded the company's warranty period.
  • Failure caused by improper installation, operation, misuse, or unsuitable physical or operating environment.
  • Modification or improper maintenance by anyone not authorized by Sinjia Enterprise.
  • The warranty does not cover the damage caused by natural disasters (flood, fire disaster, etc.), natural synoptic causes, accidents. 

Coverage of Warranty Service

  • If the Product fails during normal and proper use except Exclusions from the Warranty Service above, within the Warranty Period, the company is obliged to rectify the defects free of charge according to SinJia Enterprise Co., Ltd., warranty conditions (Does not include the shipment fees, the shipment fees must be borne by the customer).
  • Please do pack the defective product with safe packaging to ensure the safety of the process of the ship or return it to SinJia Enterprise Co., Ltd.,

Limitation of Liability

  • The warranty will cover the liability without over the initial cost of the product.
  • The Terms of Warranty and service methods of all products of the company are subjected to the announcement on the company's website without notice.