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Machinery Factory Custom Pressure Gauge for High Vibration

Client Background

A well-known machinery and equipment manufacturer based in southern Taiwan, with a long history in developing food and chemical machinery. They have produced things such as extrusion machine equipment, and industrial food mixers for nearly half a century. The manufacturer strictly controls quality or stability, and the products are promoted to all over the world.

Pressure Gauge for High Vibration


#Challenge 1- Technical Problems

Their machines cause strong vibrations when in operation. This problem makes the electrical contact pressure gauge on the equipment send incorrect signals frequently, so the switch cannot be properly controlled, leading to failure to meet quality standards. Additionally, the short pressure measure range required by the machine usually needs a larger diaphragm for pressure sensing. However, the confined space around the equipment limits the size of the diaphragm that can be placed. 

#Challenge 2 – Delivery Limitation

Generally, to solve the vibration problem, the common solution is to fill the meter with liquid, to prevent the pointer from shaking. However, liquid-filled electrical contact was a relatively new technology at that time, and it was rare in domestic manufacturers. Having to import parts, might have long delivery times, if shipping is even available to begin with. 

Pressure Gauge for High Vibration

Client Demand

SJ Gauge's PRE4 magnetic snap-action contact pressure gauge has adjustable magnetic strength and can be tailored to client needs. Our gauge effectively avoided the repeated switching caused by vibrations. Additionally, liquid can be added to our gauge to further reduced the effect of vibration on the pointer and prevent incorrect signals. In addition, SJ Gauge had started to develop a digital electric contact pressure gauge MXE4 and a sanitary diaphragm with tri-clamp DIS-C, which can be accurately interpreted in digital form and avoiding the problem caused by pointer vibration, and can be used the smaller size diaphragms under the constant precision to achieve the quality. 

Pressure Gauge for High Vibration

Solutions and Client Feedback

After adopting our solution, our client was able to deliver their products on time, maintained the quality and accuracy of their machinery, and didn't need to wait needlessly for imported parts.


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