Differential pressure transmitter

Differential pressure transmitter

Product Description


  • Differential pressure transmitter accuracy up to ±1.0%
  • Can be used to measuring differential pressure of gas
  • LCD backlight digital display can be selected

Product Specification

Measuring range

Type 0: -1,000 ~ +1,000Pa Minimum display 0~+100Pa
Type 2: -10,000~+10,000Pa Minimum display 0~+1000Pa
Type 6: -1,00~+1,00Pa Minimum display 0~+10Pa

Pressure units

Pa, mmH2O, mbar, inWC, mmHg, daPa, KPa, hPa

Output singal

4~20mA, 0~5VDC, 0~10V, RS485​


Type 0, 2: 1Pa, 0.1mmH2O, 0.01mbar, 0.004inWG, 0.007mmHg, 0.1dapa, 0.001KPa, 0.001hPa
Type 6: 0.1Pa, 0.01mmH
2O, 0.01 mbar, 0.01dapa, 0.001hPa

Reaction speed

0.5s, 1s, 2s, 4s





Power consumption


Adjust to zero

Manual operation or automatic start


Air or neutral gas

Maximum overpressure

15KPa (type 0) ; 150KPa (type2) ; 4.5KPa (type 6)

Ambient temperature


Storage temperature



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