Solid baffle wall

Solid baffle wall

Product Description

Model: PRSF
Product name: Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge with Solid Baffle Wall, Safety​​

►A solid baffle wall between measuring system and front dial to protect the operator
►When experiencing failure, the case is equipped with a blow-out back to safely eject  dangerous media out the back of the case

✔ Responsive after-sales service / Customizable / High quality / One-year warranty

Product Specification

Nominal size


Scale ranges

0 ... 0.6 bar to 0 ... 1000 bar
or other equivalent units of pressure, vacuum or compound



Process connection

316L SS


304 stainless steel, with solid baffle wall and blow-out back


Safety glass


Aluminum alloy, black scale on white

Black aluminum alloy, adjustable pointers

Filling liquid

Without, glycerine, silicone oil

Ambient temperature

40℃ ... 60℃ (non-liquid-filled)
-20℃ ... 60℃ (liquid-filled)

Medium temperature

 200℃ (non-liquid-filled)
 100℃ (liquid-filled)

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