4" magnetic / reed contact

4" magnetic / reed contact

Product Description

Model: PRE4

►Control and regulat of processes
►Monitor plants and switch circuits
►A choice of magnetic snap-action contact or reed contact
►For liquid-filled type, please refer to PRE4L


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Figure 1: Bottom mount (cable outlet)
Figure 2: Bottom mount (cable terminal box)
Figure 3, 4: Bottom mount (rear cable terminal box)

Figure 5: Back mount with flange (rear cable terminal box)
Figure 6, 7: Back mount with flange (rear cable outlet)

Product Specification

Connection location

Bottom mount, back mount with flange

Electrical connections

Cable outlet, cable terminal box

Nominal size


Scale ranges

0 ... 0.6 kg/cm2 to 0 ... 1600 kg/cm2, or other equivalent units of pressure, vacuum or compound


±1.0% F.S.

Process connection

316L SS
1/4", 3/8", 1/2"; PT, G, NPT


304 SS (standard), 316 SS; 
With blow-out device at case circumference, vent valve




Black aluminum alloy


Copper alloy

Bourdon tube

316 SS

Ambient temperature

-20℃ ... 70℃

Medium temperature

-20℃ ... 100℃


Magnetic snap-action contact (standard), reed contact
Single contact N.O.
Single contact N.C.
Double contacts N.O. (3-wire/4-wire)
Double contacts N.O. + N.C. (3-wire/4-wire)
Double contacts N.C. (3-wire)

Electrical Contact Specification

Version Magnetic snap-action contact

Reed contact

Rated voltage 380 V (Max.)

DC 24 V (Max.)

Contact capacity 30 W ~ 30 VA (Max.)

10 W ~ 0.5 VA (Max.)

Starting current 1.0 A (Max.)

0.5 A (Max.)

Breaking current 1.0 A (Max.)

0.5 A (Max.)

Persistent current 0.6 A (Max.)

0.5 A (Max.)

Switching voltage 24 V (Min.)

24 V (Max.)

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