Smart Transmitter

Can't find the Smart transmitters you need? SJ Gauge has got you covered! 

SJ Gauge, With over 20 years of industry experience,  is a leading expert in Taiwan's instrumentation industry. We have broken through the limitations of traditional measurement techniques and adopted the latest measurement technology to optimize data recording, resulting in intelligent sensors. 

From selecting the sensing components of intelligent sensors, including compact, hygienic, industrial, temperature, and measuring accessories, to recording temperature and pressure sensing data, various applications and even highly customized intelligent instrument requirements, we can tailor-make them for you! Our goal is to provide high-quality customized services to solve customer problems. 

Whether you are an enterprise making bulk purchases or a small business/individual making small-scale orders, we welcome you to contact us. You can click on the following categories for search, send an email directly to, or click "Contact Us" to let us help you find the most suitable measuring equipment.