Thermocouple Probe

RTW Temperature Sensor Series

RTW is a Taiwanese brand specializing in temperature sensors. The products manufactured by RTW include junction box thermocouples, lead-type thermocouples, fine-speed thermocouples, junction box RTDs (Resistance Temperature Detectors), and lead-type RTDs. As a pioneer in manufacturing temperature sensors in Taiwan, RTW has gained a reputation for its excellent quality and high stability. Many users specifically request RTW brand products when they have a need for temperature sensors.

Temperature sensors, both RTDs and thermocouples, have similar appearances and applications. Therefore, thermocouples are often referred to as temperature sensors. The measurement principle of a temperature sensor relies on the fact that the resistance of a pure metal wire changes with temperature, providing a stable voltage to measure the resistance and calculate the current temperature. Thermocouples, on the other hand, utilize the thermoelectric effect to infer the temperature.