Purchase the Suitable Pressure/Temperature Measurement Instruments for Special Industries or Applications. SJ Gauge Provides the Most Professional Customized Measurement Solutions for You!

SJ Gauge offers pressure/temperature measurement instruments and related accessories without minimum order quantity (MOQ) restrictions. 

We approach every customer with a professional attitude, catering to individual businesses, small and medium-sized enterprises, large corporate groups, and international procurement teams.

As a Taiwanese supplier of pressure gauges, thermometers, smart sensors, and related measurement equipment and parts, SJ Gauge specializes in everything from assembling and designing components for pressure gauges and thermometers to sensor principles, maintenance, practical applications, and even highly customized temperature and pressure measurement instrument requirements. We are dedicated to providing tailored solutions for your specific needs.

SJ Gauge has compiled past customers' customized projects into catalogs, providing references for manufacturers and customers who may have similar needs.

Our mission at SJ Gauge is to provide high-quality customized services to solve our customers' problems. Whether it's bulk purchases by enterprises or small orders from small businesses and individuals, we welcome you to contact us. You can browse the following categories for a search or directly email us at, or click "Contact Us" to let us find the most suitable pressure gauge for you.