Development Journey

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, SJ Gauge, founded by Mr. Zheng Chunbei in 1998, has a rich history that began with his venture to Osaka, Japan, in 1982 to enhance his expertise in industrial instruments. Specializing in the manufacturing and design of industrial instruments such as pressure gauges and thermometers for over 40 years, SJ Gauge has become a leading brand in Taiwan.

The primary goal of Sin jia Enterprises Co., Ltd. is to "provide the best solutions." In addition to instrument sales, we offer comprehensive customization services to meet various customer needs, whether it's bulk procurement or small-scale customization. To date, we have satisfied the requirements of nearly ten thousand customers and successfully sold our products globally.

Our production facilities in Japan, Taiwan, and China serve as our strongest backbone, ensuring the flexibility and stability of our products throughout the supply chain.

A+to SuperA Continuous Improvement

SJ Gauge introduced the all-new "SJ Smart Transmitter" series in 2023, elevating production efficiency, ensuring safety, and maintaining high product quality and reliability.

In 1982, 2-3, Kitakame Cho, Yao City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan
spirit & purpose

Brand Prospect

Mechanical Gauges &
Dial Thermometers

Traditional mechanical gauges, core components with Bourdon tubes, and dial thermometers with dual-metal or expansion-based sensing methods observe pressure and temperature changes caused by the conduction of media. Values are then determined and recorded through the dial indicators.


Digital Display Instruments

Using pressure/temperature sensing elements, analog signals are converted into digital signals and displayed on digital screens, providing users with a more convenient way to record and surpassing the limitations of traditional dial indicators.


Smart Transmitter

Adopting the globally leading HART® communication technology, smart sensors enable the observation of data by on-site or remote control systems. This represents advanced instrumentation for industrial automation.


value & mission

Core Values & Corporate Mission

Instruments are more than simple mechanical parts; they are crucial components behind many automated productions, driving technological advancements and influencing modern societal progress. SJ Gauge believes that high-quality instruments can enhance people's quality of life and experiences. The company aspires to lead Taiwan's instrumentation industry and contribute outstanding products and services to the international market.

With four core values – Commitment, Sharing, Innovation, and Excellence – SJ Gauge continuously refines itself, actively communicates with customers and partners, collaborates across industries, and steadily achieves phased goals. Together, we build dreams and make them a reality!