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Our main product line includes smart transmitters (including pressure transmitters, and temperature transmitters), pressure gauges (various diaphragm, digital, differential pressure), and thermometers (various sensing rods, isolated, bimetallic types). We distributor globally renowned brands such as WIKA, ASHCROFT, and ROSEMOUNT, or provide products with similar specifications. SJ Gauge ensures quality and materials, guaranteeing durable and consistently available products.

  • 通過第三方權威機構肯定
    Third-Party Accreditation

    SJ Gauge has been recognized by the Dun & Bradstreet third-party enterprise certification as a reputable, financially transparent, and trustworthy company. Our products undergo inspection processes compliant with the ISO/IEC 17025 quality management system, accredited for laboratory accuracy under the ILAC MRA international mutual recognition, and calibrated against traceable standards from the NML (National Metrology Laboratory) of the Republic of China and NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) in the United States.

  • 完善的售後保固維修服務
    Comprehensive After-Sales Warranty and Maintenance Services

    SJ Gauge boasts a technically proficient post-sales service team, offering repair, product warranties, inspections, and calibration services. We have introduced Additel's calibration-grade pressure gauges, a leading global instrumentation brand, enhancing testing and maintenance efficiency. With oversight from U.S. calibration and measurement authorities, SJ Gauge ensures the quality of shipped products and provides a diverse range of after-sales services.

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From products to services, providing total measurement solutions meets your applications.

Sin Jia Enterprise Co., Ltd. (SJ Gauge) was founded in 1998, renowned for its "comprehensive customized measurement solutions." We deeply understand client needs and application scenarios, continuously refine our technology, expand our product line, and update equipment to enhance customization and testing capabilities. Our past experiences have nurtured our growth, and we are committed to progressing into the future. In the field of instrumentation, we will continue to innovate, contributing outstanding products and services to the international market.

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Long-term collaboration with renowned domestic and international manufacturers, forging an international supply chain. SJ Gauge's capabilities are widely recognized.