SJ Gauge participated in a renowned industrial exhibition in Europe, showcasing the latest high-precision intelligent sensors and measuring instruments. There we highlighted the high quality and innovative capabilities of SJ Gauge and Taiwanese manufacturing.
SJ Gauge, along with various Taiwanese manufacturers, participated in the "2024 Kielce Industrial Fair STOM-TOOL" in Poland, joining frontline reconstruction business opportunities. The 17th annual event organized by the Poznań International Fair, Targi Kielce has become a vital cornerstone of the industrial sector in Eastern Europe, providing new opportunities for reconstruction in Ukraine.

Exceptional Quality of Exhibited Products:
The products showcased have received Taiwan Excellence Awards and boast multiple patents and various ISO certifications. SJ Gauge was invited to participate in this exhibition alongside other manufacturers led by the Taiwan Trade Association after continuing to set industry standards and providing the most reliable measurement solutions to customers.
Innovative Product Showcase:
We provided catalogs of the latest high-precision intelligent sensors and other measuring instruments. These products are designed to meet strict industry standards, attracting both industry experts and other exhibitors. SJ Gauge's product showcase underscored industry changes as technology continues to progress.

One of the popular products we displayed was the SJ Smart Sensor Series, which uses both HART® communication technology, and a bidirectional protocol for data transmission between intelligent field instruments and host systems. Key features include higher production efficiency, comprehensive safety, and assured high quality and reliability.
With over twenty-five years of professional experience in measurement, SJ Gauge is dedicated to providing you with tailored measurement solutions. Whether it's selecting specifications for pressure gauges, assembling components, calibration, or regular maintenance, we are committed to offering excellent products and support. Additionally, we have distribution points around the world and are actively recruiting overseas distributors to provide technical and service support. Looking forward to collaborating with you.

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