January 2024 - SJ Gauge is thrilled to announce the official release of our new product catalog, featuring the addition of our innovative smart transmitter series products introduced in 2023. This series, powered by HART® (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) communication technology, enables cutting-edge data transmission between smart field instruments and host systems, showcasing a seamless blend of technology and practicality.


SJ Gauge has been continuously expanding its product lines in recent years, including digital pressure gauges, digital thermometers, corrosion-resistant diaphragms, hygienic diaphragms, and various measuring equipment and components. We have added numerous meticulously developed products to our latest catalog to provide comprehensive measurement technology support and meet customer demands. This endeavor represents a significant challenge for SJ Gauge, involving dedicated efforts and substantial investments in product research, testing, and manufacturing to ensure seamless integration into our customers' industrial processes.
Adhering to the core philosophy of "providing customers with comprehensive customized measurement solutions," SJ Gauge is committed to becoming a leading expert in the field of instrumentation, not only in Taiwan but also globally. We aim to successfully promote Taiwanese-made instrumentation products worldwide.

SJ Gauge serves a diverse range of industries, including the semiconductor, heavy industry, manufacturing, petrochemical, energy, and pharmaceutical sectors, among others. Renowned for our excellent quality standards and comprehensive service, we also offer professional technical support. This commitment is our promise to every customer, and we will continue to exceed expectations to meet your needs.


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