The Taipower Xingda Thermal Power Plant has a gauge wooden box that needs to be replaced due to age-related malfunctions. They inquired if SJ Gauge can provide highly customized gauges to fit their specific requirements.

#01Client background

Taipower Hsinta Power Plant is the third-largest power plant in Taiwan. It supplies 4% of Taiwan's electricity consumption, playing an important role in people's livelihood and industrial stability. To achieve such a large power plant, every staff member works hard to maintain and manage physical equipment and software operations. This ensures regular power generation.

Taipower Hsinta Power Plant

Hsinta has wooden boxes specially designed for their portable pressure gauges, which are intended to make it easy for inspection personnel to carry and increase inspection efficiency at the same time. However, after several years of use, even though the outer box didn't break, the internal pressure gauge had to be replaced due to failures.
At this time, Hsinta was faced with a problem — retaining the customized wooden box meant that the newly purchased pressure gauges needed to meet the original size for installation as well as the following conditions:

  • An internal thread, rather than the usual external, was required. 
  • The thread couldn't protrude out of the wooden box.
  • A mechanical pressure gauge, instead of the original digital gauge, was necessary because it's more convenient to measure pressure values.

To fully meet these conditions, Hsinta could only choose a customized gauge, but the process was extremely difficult.

#03Client demands
Generally speaking, pressure gauges cannot be "completely" customized. The so-called "customization" is actually a "limited" change into a product that meets customer needs. The main reason is cost considerations. Mold opening requires mold opening fees. If the factory makes exclusive molds for each customer, the production cost would be higher than the benefit. Therefore, each factory will set its own public size for customers to choose from.    

As an experienced pressure gauge supplier, SJ Gauge understood the needs of Hsinta were challenging, because of the special specifications and the low quantity (less than 30). Few, if any, factories are willing to fill such an order. However, SJ Gauge has a deep understanding of different parts by various manufacturers. By integrating the dimensional information of various manufacturers and combining the parts, SJ Gauge successfully produced exclusive pressure gauges for Hsinta.
#04Solutions and client feedback

SJ Gauge solved Hsinta Power Plant's size problem with a highly customized product. Hsinta continues to supply power to the people of Taiwan smoothly and continues to be satisfied with our services. SJ Gauge is client-oriented, combining resources to explore more possibilities so that we don't just sell gauges, but also solutions to the unique challenges of our clients.