Discover how SJ Gauge provided customized digital pressure gauges that meet high precision, temperature resistance, and tight delivery requirements for SGS Laboratory, showcasing SJ Gauge's quality and professional customer service.

#01Client background

SGS is the world's largest integrated certification company specializing in testing and calibration services from equipment to environment, and its service quality is internationally recognized. Founded in Switzerland in 1878 and established Swiss Far East Notary Co., Ltd. in Taiwan in 1952, there are now five companies and more than 20 laboratories throughout Taiwan.


As a leader in the field of inspection, SGS attaches great importance to equipment professionalism, and after understanding their needs, SJ Gauge targeted three challenges to customize pressure gauges for SGS laboratories:

#03Client demands
#1-High Precision

The pressure gauge for testing equipment generally requires high precision. The maximum accuracy of SJ Gauge's MXP high-precision digital pressure gauge can reach 0.025%, which meets the accuracy requirements of SGS. Using a digital display also allowed for easier, more accurate readings.
#2-Temperature resistance up to 100°C

SGS has a wide range of laboratory testing items and needs pressure gauges that can withstand a variety of environmental constraints. In the project with SGS, the laboratory equipment operates at high temperatures, so we chose the PRA-C heat pipe and connected it under the MXB LCD screen digital pressure gauge so that the pressure medium can cool down before touching the pressure gauge to avoid damage to the pressure gauge.

#3-Delivery limitation

Generally, special customized instruments have a long delivery time, but due to the tight schedule of SGS laboratories, any delay would have affected other projects, resulting in increased costs. SJ Gauge understood the difficulties of SGS and regularly tracked the product from production to shipment, and successfully shipped to SGS within two weeks.
#04Solutions and Client Feedback

After introducing SJ Gauge's solution, the specification problems and delivery issues were successfully resolved, and the testing operation was completed within the schedule. And they continue to trust us to provide gauges for their laboratories.

SJ Gauge is not just selling products, but also works closely with clients to meet their needs and solve problems. From the cooperation experience with SGS, SJ Gauge continued to improve product technology and then provided pressure gauges for laboratories with other well-known enterprises UL and Intertek. From daily applications to professional laboratories, SJ Gauge always adheres to the original intention of sincerity and strives only to provide customers with more perfect services.