In the third quarter of 2023, SJ Gauge actively visited various manufacturers, including an invitation to WIKA to explore and exchange the latest industry information. We also visited upstream material suppliers to understand the latest production line dynamics and key technologies.
We explored opportunities for advancement in the era of digital technology such as Industrial Automation and Highway Addressable Remote Transducer Protocol remote sensors.
SJ Gauge exchanged industry insights with the international instrumentation leader, WIKA.
SJ Gauge exchanged industry insights with the international instrumentation leader, WIKA.

We are honored to exchange valuable industry information with the global leader in instrumentation, WIKA, who introduced the slogan "Smart in sensing" this year, emphasizing the necessity of intelligent sensing.
SJ Gauge is committed to providing total solutions for customers.

As a Taiwanese brand in the instrumentation industry for 25 years, SJ Gauge plays a pivotal role in product design and integration needs. Closely collaborating with globally renowned instrument manufacturers, we are dedicated to "Gauging your needs," advancing towards intelligent sensing and striving for excellence.
SJ Gauge Pressure Sensor ComponentSJ Gauge Temperature Sensor Conponent
SJ Gauge Temperature Measurement InstrumentSJ Gauge Temperature Gauge Test
SJ Gauge Thermometer for Medicine IndustrySJ Gauge Pressure Measurement Instrument
SJ Gauge visits various upstream material suppliers, including temperature-sensing and pressure-sensing component manufacturers.

SJ Gauge continually monitors the production lines of pressure/temperature sensing components and the rapidly evolving measurement technology. 
Our focus is not only on regular inspections but also on material quality, preserving brand value and prioritizing all customers who trust SJ Gauge!
SJ Gauge Smart Transmitter Series Products Demo
SJ Gauge officially launched its smart transmitter series products in 2023, realizing remote data transmission functionality.
All visits in 2023 represent SJ Gauge's commitment to staying at the forefront of technology and reinforcing our determination to provide high-quality products and services in a constantly evolving industry.
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