ILAC MRA Certification

SJ Gauge uses the international organization ILAC, and its certification body which operates in compliance with the certification of the International Laboratory for Standardized Tests (ISO/IEC 17025), to certify our quality and, most importantly, assure our clients that they are in good hands.

The International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation is a professional association composed of certification bodies and stakeholders that handle certification work for laboratories, inspection bodies, ability testing agencies and reference substance production agencies. ILAC is a global organization.

Certification bodies around the world have been peer-assessed and approved by ILAC and have signed the Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA, often referred to as the ILAC Agreement) for compliance with specific specifications, requirements and standards.

The purpose of the ILAC Agreement is to remove technical barriers to international trade and to establish a global framework to support international trade and assure consumers around the world of product quality. Therefore, ILAC is committed to achieving the principle of "one test or inspection, global acceptance of products and services."


SJ Gauge ILAC-MRA-17025  SJ Gauge ILAC-MRA-17025  SJ Gauge ILAC-MRA-17025


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