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Thank you to the Commercial Times and the Economic Daily News for reporting: Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of SJ Gauge, Unveiling the New SJ Smart Transmitter Series.


In 1982, Mr. Jeff Cheng, the founder of SJ Gauge, embarked on a journey to Osaka, Japan to enhance his expertise in industrial instrumentation.
In 1982, Mr. Jeff Cheng, the founder of SJ Gauge, embarked on a journey to Osaka, Japan to enhance his expertise in industrial instrumentation.

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, SJ Gauge specializes in the manufacturing and design of industrial instrumentation. With over four decades of collective experience, we specialize in pressure gauges, thermometers, and other pressure/temperature measuring instruments.
In 2023, SJ Gauge introduced the SJ Smart Transmitter Series, significantly enhancing production efficiency, safety, and ensuring high-quality and reliable products. This series incorporates HART® communication technology, enabling data transmission between intelligent field instruments and host systems, allowing data monitoring of control systems on-site or remotely through display and operation modules or HART® interfaces.

Our primary goal is to provide the best measuring solutions. In addition to measuring instrument sales, we offer comprehensive custom solutions to meet client needs in large or small ordering quantities.



To date, we have served thousands of clients and expanded the reach of our SJ branded gauges to countries such as China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, and more. Based in Asia, we are actively expanding our global distributor network with ambitions to enter the European and American markets, envisioning a broader global presence.



We firmly believe that gauges are more than just mechanical components; they are the crucial drivers behind many automated production processes and play a vital role in the technology industry. High-quality gauges enhance people's quality of life and experiences. To continually improve quality, we have obtained the TUV Rheinland product certification, and the Dun & Bradstreet third-party business certification, and our product inspection process conforms to ISO/IEC 17025 quality management system standards. We have also received ILAC MRA international mutual recognition of laboratory accuracy accreditation and instrument calibration testing traceable to NML Taiwan's national measurement standards and NIST U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology.


Furthermore, we have established strict standards for product packaging and shipping to ensure products reach clients intact. We provide professional technical support and comprehensive after-sales service, dedicated to meeting the needs of every client. 
Looking ahead, SJ Gauge aspires to lead Taiwan's gauge industry, offering outstanding products and services to the international market.
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